Here's a run-down of some of the top research reports currently available in the just-drinks research store:

Beverage closure demand has continued to grow relatively strongly in spite of the economic slowdown. This special report provides an overview of current market trends and developments. It focuses on recent innovations, areas of growth and decline and the likely impact of these on the future of the market.

The sports nutrition market is benefitting from a rising global awareness of the importance of exercise. In turn, this is driving consumers to purchase food and beverages that can help them towards achieving their health and fitness goals. This extensive annual global consumer survey investigates.

This report looks at the key trends driving consumers' eagerness to purchase private label alcoholic beverage products. It explores consumers' perceptions of private label compared to national brands and how these perceptions influence where they shop.

This report includes data tables for 23 beverage categories in 14 markets plus a regional summary. It provides comprehensive historical data along with forecasts to 2016.

This latest edition of the popular rum review provides the latest consumption volume data, exclusive interviews with the leading operators, and analysis of key and emerging trends across the global industry.

This comprehensive study looks at worldwide, continent and country bottled water trends. Not surprisingly, given the success enjoyed by the bottled water category, large multinational beverage companies are rapidly building their global water portfolios in an attempt to ride the wave of profits.

The popularity of milk substitutes has risen as consumption of dairy beverages has declined. This report looks at the significant sales growth currently enjoyed by operators in this sub-category.

Premium alcohol remains a key driver of future growth for drinks companies in a mature UK alcohol market. The report looks at the definition of premiumisation and how this differs by brands and drinks categories.