Here's a run-down of some of the top research reports currently available in the just-drinks research store:

The main headlines from this report: The major trends in the Greek beer market last year were; the increasing popularity of premium and speciality beers; small-scale domestic breweries increased their penetration, and shrinking disposable income and a decline in tourism drove down sales.

With beer volumes in the US and UK declining, craft beer - or real ale - has been one bright spot. The growth has been driven by alcohol consumption in moderation and a “less of the best” approach by consumers. This report details other factors for this trend.

Compostable bottles present an increasingly attractive alternative to recycled PET for beverage companies. Bio packaging use in the combined markets of West Europe and North America rose by 47% in 2010 but volumes remain small as a proportion of total volume. Full analysis provided in this new report.

Arabica beans have been consistently graded by coffee experts and aficionados as higher in overall quality and taste. The growth in Arabica's popularity in the US reflects growing consumer awareness of coffee quality and the desire for a high quality brew. This report explores that trend.

A considerable share of this market was achieved by private label products last year. The only player with a double-digit share remained Red Bull DeutschlandGmbH, through its namesake energy drink brand. This report throws light on the category.

This independent report on market events in the UK combines primary research data from YouGov and relevant market data with analysis and opinion.

This report investigates which markets top the rankings when it comes to beer production, imports and exports and what growth opportunities there are for suppliers. The briefing offers an insight into the size and shape of the beer market in both the off-trade and the on-trade.

This report focuses on what makes UK consumers perceive an alcohol brand as premium, how drinkers define premiumisation and how this differs by brands and drinks categories.