This weeks research highlights

This week's research highlights

Here's a run-down of some of the top research reports currently available in the just-drinks research store:

  • Trends within the Drinks Industry

Here are a selection of new and recent titles which look at the latest movements within the beverage market.

2010 Global Beer Trends

Soft Drinks Global Trends and Opportunities

Flavour Trends in Juice Drinks and Iced Tea Drinks

Gourmet, Specialty, Premium Foods, Beverages and Consumer Trends (US)

Global Trends in Tea: Identifying Growth Opportunities

Seasonal Packaging Case Study

  • Quarterly Beverage Tracker

These individual reports provide a complete overview of all commercial beverage consumption trends. They provide the latest industry, packaging and distribution news with supporting text on performance and forecast assumptions for each beverage category. Here are just a few links from the 40 countries available in this highly acclaimed series:

Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q3 2010 - The UK

Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q3 2010 - Russia

Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q3 2010 - Turkey

Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q3 2010 - Mexico

Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q3 2010 - Brazil

Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q3 2010 - The US

  • Distribution Trends in Soft Drinks - On-Premise vs Off-Premise Dynamics & Forecasts to 2015

These are special focus reports providing an overview of the latest soft drinks trends and developments. The reports are researched individually by country using specialist researchers on-the-ground and are available for 53 markets. You can expect discussion on distribution trends and market valuation/pricing and material to foresee challenges and seize opportunities by exploring historical trends, forecasts and projections. Here are just a few of the countries available:







  • Soft Drinks

Some best-sellers from our range of soft drinks titles still available in store:

Soft Drinks: Global Industry Almanac

2011 Worldwide Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry Report

Innovations in Fruit and Vegetable Juices: Emerging Opportunities in Premiumisation, Sustainability and Positive Health

Future Success Strategies for Carbonated Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks in New Zealand

Key Japanese Companies in Soft Drinks

  • Focus on Soft Drinks - Country Reviews

As an executive within the beverage packaging industry you appreciate the importance of making accurate, informed decisions to keep ahead of the game. Read the soft drinks review and explore the beverage packaging industry to foresee challenges and spot opportunities by exploring historical consumption trends, forecasts and projections. Gain an understanding of leading companies' percentage market share, so you know how they are responding to changes to the industry.

Australia Soft Drinks Review 2010

Costa Rica Soft Drinks Review 2010

South Africa Soft Drinks Review 2010

Vietnam Soft Drinks Review 2010

Romania Soft Drinks Review 2010