The most popular items among just-drinks subscribers this week

The most popular items among just-drinks' subscribers this week

Here are the ten most viewed, subscriber-only items on just-drinks this week:

10. June 2013 Management Briefing - Environmental Sustainability in the Soft Drinks & Water Sectors

just-drinks continues its coverage of the role of environmental sustainability with this, the second of four management briefings this year on the subject. Ben Cooper considers the soft drinks and bottle water category.

9. International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 113: Metabolic and Biochemical Mechanisms by which Alcohol Consumption affects Health

A large study from Australia, which included a high percentage of current or former alcohol abusers, related alcohol consumption with a variety of metabolic and biologic parameters that relate to health. Included were markers of lipid function, inflammation, glucose metabolism, and liver function.

8. just the Winners - Ultimate Wine Challenge 2013

Last week, Ultimate Beverage Challenge announced the results of its annual Ultimate Wine Challenge in the US. A total of 39 wines received the highest score in their category and were awarded the Chairman's Trophy. Here's the list.

7. just On Call: MillerCoors to drop "non-core" economy labels, glass bottles

MillerCoors is to shake-up its low-margin beer category as it plans to dump its non-core brands and heavy glass packaging.

6. Focus - Soft Drinks & Water - Functional Drinks: Meeting Claims and Expectations

Mintel offers an insight into the impact on functional foods and beverages, following the European Food Safety Authority's ruling on health claims last year.

5. just the Answer - Janet Dorozynski, Canada's Global Lead on Beer, Spirits, Wine

When it comes to drinks, Canada is best known for its ice wines and whiskies. But, how are these categories performing globally? And, does the country's social reference pricing, a form of minimum pricing, really make a difference? Here, James Wilmore talks to Janet Dorozynski, the global lead on wine, beer and spirits for the Canadian Government's Foreign Affairs and International Trade department 

4. Comment - Spirits - Cognac/Brandy: East is East

A recent bout of activity in the Cognac region - from investment to divestment - suggests lively times ahead for the brandy and Cognac category. Ian Buxton looks at the headlines, and sees his eye being drawn east, not only for future growth, but also for future Cognac players.

3. Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Invest in PR - and Cricket - to Unlock Indian Promise

The path for international soft drinks companies in India has been littered with potholes. But, as a relative calm sets in, Richard Corbett assesses the opportunities and suggests how to hit the big time in the country.

2. Comment - Wehring's Way - Helix: A Corking Idea?

Even though everyone who is anyone in the wine world is busy at VinExpo in Bordeaux this week, there's still been quite an online hubbub over the last couple of days following the unveiling of new wine closure Helix yesterday morning.

1. just the Answer - Vinexpo chairman Xavier de Eizaguirre

The biennial jamboree that is Vinexpo has once again seen large swathes of the wine trade descend on Bordeaux for five days of pouring, pow-wowing and parties. But, the 32-year-old show is not without its critics. In an exclusive interview with just-drinks, Vinexpo chairman Xavier de Eizaguirre responds to these concerns, talks China and where Vinexpo might go next.

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