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Heres what was making the drinks news on this day in years gone by

Here's what was making the drinks news on this day in years gone by

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...
The fact that World Cup sponsors - including The Coca-Cola Co and Anheuser-Busch InBev - have spoken out about the Qatar allegations is intriguing.
Russian Standard is now the world's second largest vodka producer after finally getting full control of Central European Distribution Corp (CEDC). But how will it handle the troubled group and where will in benefit? Chris Mercer investigates.
The barrier between the on-trade and the off-trade for wine companies is so high as to be insurmountable. But, Chris Losh argues, its very presence is blocking a lucrative opportunity.
Dare you drink one of your competitor's brands? Pete Brown dares you, but believes that those that choose 'truth' instead are doing their brands a disservice.
This week sees the FIFA World Cup kick off in South Africa. Whilst corporate sponsor The Coca-Cola Co looks set to score highly from the tournament, what of South Africa's indigenous soft brands? Annette Farr considers the opportunities the event will open up, both domestically and abroad.
The drinks sector boasts some big-ticket, luxury products, like very old single malts and the most exclusive Bordeaux wines, and some very wealthy, high end consumers to go with them. Chris Losh looks at how this end of the market is faring during the downturn, and to what degree the big spenders are cutting back.
Blamed for contributing to rising obesity, traditional carbonated soft drinks, notably colas, have suffered in recent years. But the sector has responded with a plethora of new, healthier drinks, many targeted at the increasingly vibrant adult soft drinks market. Annette Farr takes a look at the new generation.
Coca-Cola could be about to acquire the Highland Spring brand to revive its presence in the UK bottled water market. And, writes Annette Farr, Highland Spring's recent decision to change its classification from 'natural mineral water' to 'spring water' will be welcomed by Coke, not least because it means a potentially controversial hurdle has already been negotiated.
A wine grower planned to have an Australian winery blown up in a row over grape prices, a court has heard.
Brown-Forman has signed its first Southern Hemisphere wine. The company has agreed to distribute Distell's Durbanville Hills brand in the UK through its Brown-Forman Wines Europe wing.