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Heres what was making the drinks news on this day in years gone by

Here's what was making the drinks news on this day in years gone by

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

If this year's Silly Season needs a start date, I'd say it is 27 June. The annual silent period that sees newspapers scrabbling around with space to fill began at the end of last week.

Visitors continue to return to Vinexpo, with record interest from China helping to erase 2009's slump, official figures have shown.

The reduction of abv in the wine category in the UK has been peddled by some in the industry as an innovation. While that may be open to debate, Chris Losh believes there can be no argument that the move, if done right, could benefit everyone. But, there's still a long way to go.

The recent move by the Indian state of Maharashtra to increase the legal drinking age (LDA) for spirits, wine and beer has been widely criticised. However, Ben Cooper writes, legal drinking age could be seen as an increasingly attractive policy option for governments in developing countries where recorded alcohol consumption is rising.

Some journalistic questions are not so much serious enquiries as a ticking of the boxes – you ask because you have to, but you already know what the answer’s going to be.

Last month, ex-Brown-Forman exec David Cox became Europe director for New Zealand Winegrowers. He spoke with Chris Mercer about what attracted him to working for a generic body and about New Zealand's potential for further growth in Europe.

The entry of Diageo into the Irish whiskey market has further enlivened a sector already growing steadily thanks to the efforts of the other major global spirits force, Pernod Ricard. And a new report from just-drinks suggests there is more growth ahead for Irish whiskey.

The drinks industry has not been immune from the growing influence of private equity groups (PEGS) in the corporate world. Critics argue that PEGs hark back to the worst excesses of 1980s corporate greed while their proponents believe they help to revive failing companies and provide a necessary investment vehicle for capital as other traditional avenues are looking unattractive. Chris Brook-Carter weighs up the arguments.

Foster's Group has insisted its has no intentions of offloading any more wineries after selling two properties in the Hunter Valley and Coonawarra.

The drinks giant, Diageo, recently unveiled a new regional structure and Europe president, Andrew Morgan, was bullish about what the reorganisation offered the company in the highly competitive European market. Olly Wehring reports.

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