Jose Cuervo has announced the debut of a new holiday point-of-sale (POS) campaign, called "Silver & Gold." Created by Frankel (Chicago), the campaign's displays, bottle-neckers and gift bags will be featured in high-traffic areas in the off-premise from 1 November, the company confirmed yesterday.

The Silver & Gold theme for this year's holiday POS was a natural fit with the addition of Jose Cuervo Clasico to the Cuervo portfolio in 2003, Diageo, the owners of Jose Cuervo said.

The Silver & Gold POS is printed on foil-like material. During the traditionally heavy holiday selling season, IRC/MIR bottle-neckers will offer consumers a discount on Jose Cuervo Especial or Clasico when purchased with Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix or with any juice or soda (where legal).

As an added holiday bonus, Cuervo Holiday Gift Bags will be given out at off-premise accounts with the purchase of a Cuervo product.

For larger displays, the Cuervo Cardboard Cantina has been outfitted with holiday silver and gold decor. There is also a 3-D pole topper available for mid-size displays and a case card for smaller displays. These display items have all been branded with the holiday tagline "Add some ho-ho-Jose to your holidays."

"We are excited about this new evolution of our holiday displays," said Mark Breene, Cuervo group director, Diageo North America, Inc. "The Silver & Gold campaign incorporates eye-catching designs and discount promotions in a way that will resonate with the holiday shopper and help us make Jose Cuervo the most popular gift to give and receive this holiday season."

Jose Cuervo is the largest producer of tequila throughout Mexico and around the world, exporting more than 50m litres annually.