Jones Soda has announced the launch of a 12-ounce canned soda sweetened with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

The company said today (29 November) that the drink, called Jones Pure Cane Soda., was a reaction to what it called negative publicity for high fructose corn, which it claimed is not a natural ingredient like pure cane sugar.

Jones Soda president and CEO Peter van Stolk said: "We are very excited with today's announcement because we are confident that consumers and retailers will appreciate the benefits of drinking a product sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar and the unique positioning of Jones Pure Cane Soda compared to all other national brands sweetened with HFCS."

The Seattle, Washington-based firm said it has worked with the National Beverage Corp in the US to ensure that the launch of Jones Pure Cane Soda is on schedule for first quarter 2007.