Jones Soda is allowing consumers to vote for their favourite US presidential candidate through personalised cola labels.

Campaign Cola, designed for consumers under 18-years-old, provides a forum for consumers to vote for the candidate of their choice by purchasing soda online and encourages them to "take a stance on today's political issues", the company said today (5 June).

Each nominee will be featured on Jones Pure Cane Cola, one of its most recent flavours, and includes; Hillary Clinton's "Capital Hillary Cola", John McCain's "Pure McCain Cola" or Barack Obama's "Yes We Can Cola."

"Young voters are a political powerhouse in this election and the candidates that communicate to these audiences will have a clear advantage come election time," said Seth Godwin, marketing manager of Jones Soda. "We want to provide an opportunity for people to become excited about the process and what could be a better conversation starter than drinking from a soda that has your chosen candidate's face for all to see."

A six-pack is priced at US$14.99 and a 12-pack is $23.99 and results will be updated every 15 minutes on the website.

"Jones Soda's Campaign Cola will serve as an informational and interactive site for open dialogue, a medium that Jones' core consumers are comfortable with," said Stephen Jones, CEO of Jones Soda. "It also provides a unique platform to introduce Jones Pure Cane Cola through an innovative programme surrounding a nationally influential event."