Click through to view Jones Soda Cos Au Naturel range

Click through to view Jones Soda Co's Au Naturel range

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Jones Soda Co's Au Naturel

Category - Bottled water, carbonated, flavoured

Available - From this week

Location - US, nation-wide in natural grocery retailers and online

Price - SRP of US$1.79 per 16.9oz bottle

Distribution - Jones Soda

Jones Soda is set to launch Au Naturel, a carbonated water that contains natural sweeteners and flavour essence. Sweeteners used include organic agave syrup, stevia and pure cane sugar, as well as green tea extracts and a small dose of natural caffeine.

The range comprises three variants; Green Apple A Day, Lemon Limelight and Orange Ya Glad Its Mango.

According to Jones, each 16.9oz bottle contains 35 calories, an 80% reduction compared to most non-diet sodas, has seven grams of sugar and includes five grams of fibre.