Johnnie Walker has opted to invest in an Internet tool that will encourage traffic through the company's website.

The whiskey brand has combined with ID Society and Shaw Wunderman to design a desktop tool, called KEEP Version 2.0, that allows consumers to access all their Internet needs from one source on their PC.

The tool is designed to boost membership of the company's Striding Man Society and expand traffic to the Johnnie Walker site, where a demo of the software can be viewed. It includes branded screensavers, bookmarks for favourite sites, popular Internet searches, Johnnie Walker events, customised label ordering, and music download content.

"The KEEP 2.0 is truly a dynamic desktop application that allows consumers to experience the Johnnie Walker brand and access cutting-edge technology through a slick, but simple interface," said Philip Colicchio, director of account services, ID Society. "It is designed to bring Internet functionality to your desktop, as well as serve as a simple launching pad for many of the useful Web tools you use everyday."