The leading UK ale brand John Smith's is calling time on its No Nonsense Man advertising campaign this month, replacing him with the actor and stand-up comedian Peter Kay, who will star in a new TV campaign created by Scottish Courage roster agency TBWA \ London.

The campaign, which will maintain the No Nonsense advertising proposition, will feature Kay dramatising the virtues of a No Nonsense approach to life.    

The advertising, which spearheads the record £20m marketing investment in John Smith's this year, will debut on national TV during the Champions League Final on May 15 with 'Ball Skills'.

The ad opens on a muddy recreation ground with a group of young footballers earnestly practising their soccer skills. After each demonstration, the player effortlessly passes the ball to a colleague until it reaches the solid figure of Kay - who promptly 'wellies' the ball into a neighbouring garden. The ad closes with a moment of self-congratulation as Kay eschews the traditional half-time oranges for a can of his favourite beer.

Scottish & Newcastle said there were also two other executions. In the first film, 'Monsters', Kay's attempt to console his young daughter after she has a nightmare leaves his wife and friends speechless, while in 'Mum' he is determined to persuade his mother to move into an old folks' home - despite her protestation that she's "only 55" - so he can put a snooker table into her bedroom. 

John Botia, brands director - John Smith's and Foster's at Scottish Courage, said: "Research shows that John Smith's enduring association with a No Nonsense attitude plays a big part in its appeal to consumers and everything about Peter's character reflects this. He brings 'No Nonsense' to life quite brilliantly in the new campaign and demonstrates both memorably and engagingly that it really is an attitude worth celebrating."