Jim Beam has launched its first-ever national television campaign. Entitled "Change," the advert began airing in the US this week.

The advert depicts a barrel of Jim Beam bourbon being rolled through a rack house after its aging process has been completed. As the barrel is rolled, the workers and the environment change to depict different eras in the brand's history.

A voiceover declares: "Whoever Said Change is Good, Knows Squat About Making Bourbon. For 210 years, we've stayed true to the Beam family recipe. Here's to Stubbornness." It culminates with the tag-line, "The Stuff Inside Matters Most."

"Our first-ever television commercial does a great job bringing the Jim Beam brand to life," said Keith Neumann, marketing director for Jim Beam. "The historic and story-telling nature of the commercial is educational and visually powerful. At the same time, the toast to stubbornness is a nod to the fact that we don't take ourselves too seriously. We're having a bit of fun with this too."

The campaign debuted on various cable networks including Comedy Central, Discovery and Spike.