Click through to view J&G Grant’s Glenfarclas 25 Quarter Cask

Click through to view J&G Grant’s Glenfarclas 25 Quarter Cask

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J&G Grant’s Glenfarclas 25 Quarter Cask

Category - Spirits, whisky, Scotch, single malt, 42.4% abv

Available - From this month

Location - Global, in “selected markets”

Price - In UK, between GBP265 (US$430) and GBP285 per 70cl bottle, limited to 900 bottles globally

J&G Grant has lined up a limited release of what it says is the last in a series of Cognac and Port cask bottlings of its Glenfarclas Scotch whisky expression. Glenfarclas 25 Quarter Cask comprises whisky from ten of the company's last remaining quarter casks.

Earlier this year, J&G Grant appointed a sixth-generation member of its founding family to the board of directors.

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J & G Grant are releasing an exclusive, limited edition, quarter cask bottling, which combines 10 of their last remaining quarter casks, the youngest of which was 25 years old. Bottled at cask strength of 42.4% volume the 10 casks only yielded 900 bottles, which will be offered in selected markets around the world.

Quarter casks used to be a common sight in the Glenfarclas warehouses, however now very few remain. 

Quarter casks are so called as they contain a quarter of the volume of a traditional sherry butt, approximately 125 litres. Smaller casks mean more spirit is in contact with the wood – the contents therefore mature faster, but also lose more of the “angel’s share” than larger hogsheads (250L) or butts (500l). 

George Grant describes the 25 year old quarter cask as having a rich well used copper colour. It has a nose of sweet fresh honeycomb, sherry prominent, but not overpowering and very well balanced. A taste of dark bitter chocolate, light ginger, caramel and treacle pudding topped with vanilla custard with a long, fresh finish with granny smith apples coming forth. 

The anticipated retail price will be £265 to £285 a bottle. This is the last in the series of limited edition cognac and port cask bottlings.

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