Click through to view Janneaus Dragon Vintage Armangnac

Click through to view Janneau's Dragon Vintage Armangnac

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Janneau's Dragon Vintage Armagnac

Category - Armagnac, 47.3% to 49.3% abv

Available - From next month

Location - Europe and Asia

Price - SRP EUR170 (US$263) to EUR450 per 50cl bottle

Vintage Armagnac producer Janneau is set to launch three limited editions based on the Chinese year of the dragon, which falls on this year. 

Janneau Dragon Vintage 1964, Janneau Dragon Vintage 1976 and Janneau Dragon Vintage 1988 are all from dragon years on the Chinese zodiac's 12-year cyclical calender. The drinks were unveiled this week at Hong Kong's VinExpo.

The Dragon Vintages will be limited to the content of one cask per vintage, bottled at cask strength, in 70cl bottles and in 3x50cl packs. Each bottle carries the number of the total lot, and is presented in a decorated wooden box.

Lots will be allocated to all markets where Janneau brand is distributed.

The 1964 vintage is 49.3% and costs EUR450 while the '78 is 47.3% and costs EUR250 and the '88 is 48.8% and costs EUR170.