The ASA rejected the complaint

The ASA rejected the complaint

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has today (18 December) cleared a radio ad for Brown-Forman's Jack Daniel's brand after a complaint it encouraged “irresponsible” drinking.

The ad, broadcast on TalkSport, featured a man saying: “Some say lousy record keeping is what kept Jack Daniel from knowing his actual birthday... the way he saw it, celebrating the entire month of September was fair compromise... so raise a glass to a man and his Tennessee whiskey and join us in celebrating Mr Jack's birthday all September long. Make it memorable. Please drink responsibly.” 

The single complaint suggested it promoted “irresponsible” alcohol consumption. 

However, Brown-Forman argued that in “inviting consumers to raise a glass in a toast to their brand's founder and his invention, they intentionally expressed this in the singular 'raise a glass'.”

The company told the ASA it also “separated the concept of consumption; raising "a glass" (singular), to the concept of what continues 'all month long', which was celebration, and expressly not drinking or toasting”. 

The ASA agreed with the company's response and said no further action was necessary. 

In a separate ASA ruling today, Molson Coors also escaped action after a complaint over its Carling British Cider brand