AG Barr is stepping into the energy drinks sector. The company confirmed yesterday (16 February) that it will launch Irn-Bru 32 early next month.

The first major brand extension since the launch of Diet Irn-Bru 26 years ago comes with the addition of caffeine and taurine, the company said. Around GBP3m has been invested in the new drink.

This is the first time that an addition to the Irn-Bru portfolio has been introduced from launch at a UK-wide level. The new drink will be supported by a nationwide promotional campaign that will include television, radio and outdoor advertising as well as PR.

"At the very heart of Irn-Bru 32 is what you might call its 'stamp of authenticity' - the secret recipe that's used to make Irn-Bru," said Barr's commercial director, Jonathan Kemp. "Known by only two people in the world and still personally mixed by Robin Barr, it's what has made Irn-Bru Scotland's favourite for more than a hundred years. The same ingredients have now been used as the foundation of Irn-Bru 32.

"This launch is great news, really positive for the company and for Irn-Bru too as it will help to spread the word throughout the UK and make the name even stronger than it has been before now," added Robin Barr, chairman of Barr Soft Drinks.