C&C Group has developed a new look website for its Irish whiskey liqueur, Irish Mist, to follow the bottle's recent redesign.

The website is designed to highlight the product's "mixability", particularly with cola and lime, C&C International said today (12 June) and reflects the artwork used across the new Irish Mist POS and packaging.

The homepage charts the progression of the product's packaging since its launch in 1947, and includes a selection of Irish Mist recipe ideas, competitions, quizzes and downloads.

In May, C&C International gave Irish Mist a make-over in a bid to more than double its volume over the next five years.

The new packaging positions Irish Mist closer to Irish whiskey and away from traditional liqueurs. The company said it is hoping to attract more under 35s of both sexes who already consume brown and white spirits with mixers.