The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) has banned three beer ads featuring on the country's television networks after a series of complaints against them.

The ads, from the stables of Guinness, Coors and Carlsberg will have to be withdrawn or amended in such a way as to meet advertising standards.

 The offending Carlsberg ad depicts a group of male holidaymakers, whose hotel overlooks a building site. Luckily for them though, the site is staffed by an all female construction crew, with stereotypical rear-end cleavages on display. The advert for Coors Light, featuring a late-night game among drinkers in which the loser has to lick a dirty sock.

Guinness meanwhile is to lose its "volcano" commercial, which depicts an East European village hit by a volcanic eruption. Fortunately for the town a bare-footed man walks across a river of lava to rescue pints of Guinness from the local bar.

The commercial was designed to illustrate the brewery's current slogan: "Believe".

However, the ASAI received complaints from members of the public who believed the ad suggested the drink was a "source of power". Despite acknowledging the fact the firewalker was on his way to the bar and hadn't touched a drop of the drink, the ASAI upheld the complaint.

There were also complaints about the volcano sequence and how it insulted real life victims of volcanoes. The ad runs globally and Guinness said it had not received complaints anywhere else. While admitting it was "very concerned" at the potential loss of the commercial on Irish television the company said it would comply.

The Carlsberg ad meanwhile was cleared of a complaint that it demeaned women but the ASAI said it was concerned about the depiction of a drink-fuelled holiday "likely to be of particular appeal to male minors".