Belgian brewing giant Interbrew has stepped its efforts to push flagship brand Stella Artois in the US. The company announced the lager will be available for the first time in the west of the United States, when it goes on sale in Denver, Colorado, this month.

Although it has been available in other eastern states since 1999, the company now plans to expand westwards to new US markets, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas later this year.

The lager is being imported by the speciality beer company, Labatt, USA and will be offered for sale at select bars, restaurants and retail locations in the Denver area.

Filip Wouters, a Belgium native and Labatt USA Belgian brand manager said in a statement that the Denver market is an excellent match for Stella Artois, given the local appreciation for imports and the higher-than-average consumption of speciality beers.

The company believes that there is a growing interest in Belgium products and beer. Wouters says that although Belgium has traditionally been known for its chocolates and waffles, Americans are now discovering that beer is the real secret of the country.