Interbrew is launching a UK promotional campaign for Castlemaine to introduce the authentic brand to higher bracket consumers. The brand will look to appeal to today's consumers who are demanding quality and authentic experiences from on-trade establishments. The promotions for Castlemaine are also seeking to exploit consumers' lack of rigid drinking choices.

Interbrew is to undertake a four-strand push for its Castlemaine XXXX brand, one of the top ten UK lager brands, in an attempt to raise its profile amongst higher bracket consumers. "The key objectives are to drive trial and create a reappraisal of the brand," says Interbrew trade marketing manager Richard Ingram. The campaign will target consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 years, however, the main emphasis will be the 25 to 35 year old age range that is often overlooked by drinks companies focusing on younger adult drinkers.

Interbrew has recognized the potential for targeting the more discerning drinker and is aiming to create a higher quality and more mature image for the brand to appeal to these consumers and distance itself from the culture of vertical drinking.

Castlemaine is using a variety of promotions to emphasize its Australian heritage and add value to on-trade experiences. The company is using promotions including the development of a mobile bar in the form of an outback-style dunny, the return of the XXXX Pool Shark competition and scratch card competitions offering Australian-style adventure experiences. Such marketing strategies will appeal to today's consumers as there is a growing desire to maximize their limited leisure time through more intense and authentic experiences from the on-trade.

There is a lack of rigid drinking choice in the on-trade, with 70% of customers unsure of what they are going to order before they get to the bar. Interbrew UK has recognized the huge potential for influencing consumer choice and developing brand loyalty through promotions and events within on-trade establishments. The combination of events and point of sale materials means Interbrew will not overlook the 31% of consumers who do not visit the bar.