Belgian brewing group, Interbrew, has filed an appeal against the ruling by the Slovenian competition authority which allows Slovenia's largest brewer, Lasko, to retain its large stake Pivovarna Union, the Slovenian brewer in which Interbrew also owns a stake.

The Slovenian Office for Protection of Competition ruled last week that Lasko could keep the 48% stake it holds in Union. "We demand that the court annul the ruling," said Interbrew's legal counsel, Pavel Pensa. told Reuters.

The appeal has been filed at an administrative court in Ljubljana.

Last week, Interbrew said it was "surprised" by the ruling by the Slovenian Competition Protection Office regarding the ownership of the brewer, Pivovarna Union.

The competition authority had said: "There is no concentration (monopoly) as Pivovarna Lasko has not reached the threshold of shares that would represent a more than 50% stake in Pivovarna Union's capital."

In response to the ruling Interbrew, which owns a 41% stake in Pivovarna Union, said last week: "The decision fails to take into account the connections between Lasko and other Union shareholders, which own a further 8% of Union shares and are connected to Lasko. Also, the CPO decision provides that, should concentration be proven in the future, the then applicable remedies would allow Lasko to retain full ownership and control of over 90% of Slovenia’s brewing capacities and brewer-owned distribution and commercial assets."