The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has pulled up Innocent for an advert that claimed its smoothie detoxified the body.

The company said that the advert, which ran in national press this month, was removed immediately after the ASA received a complaint that the drink did not remove toxins from the body, as claimed.

Speaking to just-drinks today (4 October), a spokesperson for Innocent said: "It was one advert and as soon as the complaint was received, we removed it and apologised. We have tables and stats and our own tests to prove anti-oxidant levels, but the ASA wanted blood test results.

"Their definition of detox is very specific. Only things that can be proven to flush toxins out of the liver can be described as such. That means it is really only chemicals, and water that could qualify. Our definition is a bit broader and about the concept of detoxing as eating the good stuff, like fruit, to help counteract the bad."

Innocent co-founder Richard Reed added: "At Innocent, we've always tried to be clear in our communication with consumers and we're sorry it hasn't been the case this time. We have absolutely no intention of misleading people. We want everyone to eat more fruit and veg, whether it's an Innocent smoothie or a carrot from the greengrocer."