The oldest registered distillery, Beenleigh Distillery, has been bought by Inner Circle Rum (Sales) Pty Ltd, it was announced this week.

Inner Circle Rum managing director, Stuart Gilbert, said the purchase of the Beenleigh Distillery, prior to auction and for an undisclosed amount, meant Inner Circle Rum now had its own production facilities to meet rapidly growing demand for its renowned pot distilled rum.

The Beenleigh Distillery, the oldest registered distillery in Australia, is located on a 2.6 hectare site, 35 kilometres south of Brisbane and has two pot stills as well as administrative and storage buildings.  The vendor was Tarac Pty Ltd, a private South Australian company.   The Beenleigh brand was not part of the purchase as it was sold some years ago. However, contract bottling, which are part of the distillery's operations, will continue.

"With this purchase, we've got a world class and historic distillery," Gilbert said. "And that gives us a secure base for the production of our high quality pot still rum.

"Just before we purchased it, we were pleased that the Beenleigh Distillery was classified by the Queensland Heritage Council, in recognition of its buildings and the role it has played in the Australian spirits industry.

"That history is important to us and we intend not only to maintain the buildings but also to restore them and make them an integral part of the growing Inner Circle Rum brand," Mr Gilbert said.