An Internet-driven wine distribution system is now available in three more US states.

The REthink Wine Trade System, which has been created by Inertia Beverage Group, has been launched in California, the District of Columbia and the state of Washington, following its recent roll-out to New York.

The system, which allows restaurants and retailers to order directly from wine websites and have it delivered via the traditional three-tier system, has been described by Inertia as "a paradigm shift in wine distribution".

When a restaurant or retailer places an order directly on a winery website, the order is routed through a designated wholesaler, who accesses the wine from a 'virtual inventory' at the winery and automatically is billed by the winery.

The wholesaler pays all taxes on the transaction, bills the restaurant or retailer, and then sends payment to the winery. The entire transaction occurs instantly over the Internet. The winery then ships the wine to the retailer or restaurant consistent with three-tier system delivery requirements.

"It has always been our goal to follow up our opening of New York State by introducing the REthink distribution system into every state possible," said Inertia CEO Paul Mabray." Simply, we plan to revolutionise the way wine is distributed in the US."