The European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) and the European Spirits Organisation - CEPS have published a brochure detailing the drinks industry's efforts to help tackle alcohol-related harm.

The Drinks Industry Initiatives 2006 brochure, released today (5 September), lists initiatives which address underage drinking, drink-driving, responsible serving/selling training schemes, pregnancy and the workplace.

"As a reliable partner in the responsible drinking effort, EFRD actively promotes the 'targeted approach' as the most effective and tailored way to address problematic drinking without punishing those who consume responsibly", said Alan Butler, EFRD chairman.

"This new publication is another example of the long-term commitment shown by the spirits industry in promoting responsible drinking behaviour," added CEPS director general, Jamie Fortescue. "This builds on the adoption in 2005 of the CEPS Charter on Responsible Alcohol Consumption."

As well as detailing the initiatives, the brochure evaluates their impact.