Indian wine growers, including representatives from the country's biggest producers, are in Bordeaux this week to meet suppliers and learn more about vine growing.
"Sixty per cent of winemaking equipment in India comes from France," Amit Kerval, a leading Indian importer of French equipment and products, told just-drinks today (2 October).

Kerval co-ordinated the trip, together with the new Paris-based Franco Indian Network for Sustainable Business Development (FINSB).
"Demand for winegrowing equipment grew by 20% last year," said Pierre-Guillaume Chiberry, of Radoux, one of the French host companies and supplier of barrels and other wood products, such as oak chips, to India.
On the consumption side, Australian wine is better known than French in India, partly because Australian producers speak English, said Mariz Lechesne of the FINSB.
Indian wine consumption is predicted to rise from 5m to 9m litres by 2010, according to Indian industry body, Assocham.