Indian Ocean Rum Cos Penny Blue Batch 2

Indian Ocean Rum Co's Penny Blue Batch 2

Indian Ocean Rum Co's Penny Blue Batch 2

Category - Spirits, rum, Mauritius, 43.2% abv

Available - From this month

Location - Mauritius, Europe and the US

Price - US$80 per 75cl bottle, EUR50 per 70cl bottle

Distribution - See below

The Indian Ocean Co has released the second batch of its Penny Blue XO rum brand. The company, which launched the inaugural iteration of Penny Blue last year, said today that the second batch sill be limited to 7,000 bottles globally.

Distribution will be handled by:

  • UK – Berry Bros. & Rudd
  • France - La Maison du Whisky
  • Switzerland – Charles Hoffer SA
  • USA – Anchor Distilling Co
  • Mauritius – Medine

The rums in batch two range from five to 11 years old.

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The Indian Ocean Company and Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits are delighted to announce the eagerly awaited second batch of Penny Blue XO Rum. The Single Estate Mauritian Rum is distilled at Medine; dating back to 1926, it is the oldest operational distillery on the tropical island of Mauritius. The estate is situated on the west of the island, near Bambou.

Doug McIvor from Berry Bros. & Rudd and Jean Francois Koenig, Master Distiller at Medine, have carefully handpicked 22 casks for maturation, choosing three particular types: Cognac, whisky and bourbon. Selected at their peak of maturity, each cask imparts its own personality and flavour profile; the combination delivers the full balance and complexity.

Penny Blue is a small batch vatted rum, it is natural in colour, un-chill-filtered. All the production happens on the one single estate: from growing the sugar cane to distillation, maturation and bottling. There is no artificial sweetening involved in the process. By adding 10% of the award-winning Batch #001 this ensures some consistency to follow through from the initial release. The oldest rum in this batch is 11 years old, the youngest just 5 years old.

Doug McIvor explains; “Meticulously selecting the casks for maturation ensures each batch is distinct in character. The key is retaining a level of continuity in each batch to maintain the rich, smooth and fruity complexity that makes this single estate rum a real expression of intriguing complexity.”

Penny Blue Batch #002 tasting notes 43.2%

  • Appearance: Deep amber with golden highlights
  • Nose: Tropical fruits with hints of eucalyptus, orange marmalade and rich oriental spices
  • Palate: Round and balanced, soft with creamy oak, rich orange peel and crème caramel

Named after the world’s rarest stamp, printed in Mauritius in 1847, the Penny Blue immediately became a collectors’ item because of its inscription. A mistake by an engraver resulted in it reading “Post Office” rather than the usual “Post Paid”, of the thousands issued only 12 stamps are believed to be in existence today and trade for over $1m when sold.

The second batch of 7,000 bottles will be available in the USA, Europe and Mauritius. The recommended retail price is £40/€50/60$.

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