InBev has announced plans to roll out its Latin American beer brand Brahma worldwide.

The launch, revealed today (22 March)  spans more than 15 countries in markets around the world. In a statement, InBev called a global launch of this scale "unique in the consumer goods industry".

The brand will be packaged in a contoured bottle with a visible curve or sway.
InBev hopes to benefit from what it calls an "increasing interest around the world" in Brazil, Brahma's domestic market.

In a statement, the company said: "When InBev announced the combination between Interbrew and AmBev on 3 March 2004, the company also announced that there would be important synergies as a result of bringing the two companies together: a pre-tax total of €140m of annual commercial synergies by 2007. The selling of Brahma outside of its home market is expected to contribute €30m by the end of 2007."

John Brock, InBev CEO, said: "Only seven months after the two companies combined, we experience today a very strong visible and tangible sign of the collective strength of this new exciting company. This global launch leverages our strengths and global breadth as the biggest brewer in the world to deliver a proposition that lives up to being the best in the world."

InBev's chief commercial officer, Brent Willis said, "At the heart of everything we do as a company is the consumer, and this launch epitomises that approach. Consumers around the world may not be waiting for another beer, but we know that they all need a bit of Ginga!"

Brahma (at 4.8% ABV) will be available in outlets from next month, and will be rolled-out to markets around the world throughout this year. The brand will be marketed with a range of communication materials including music CDs, television advertising in multiple languages and styles, expansive display and point-of-connection materials, print, outdoor, Internet, and other relevant consumer-connection mediums.