InBev has confirmed reports that it is to release its Lowenbrau beer brand in the Indian market.

The global brewer was responding to reports in the country's Economic Times this week, saying that the beer will be InBev's first offering to the Indian market. The move follows InBev's entry into the Indian beer market in May this year, when it took a 49% stake in a joint venture with local drinks company the RKJ Group.

Speaking to just-drinks today (24 July), a spokesperson for InBev confirmed that Lowenbrau will mark the brewer's first foray into the country. "We are looking to Lowenbrau as our entry brand into India at some point before the end of this year," the spokesperson said. "Our analysis of the (Indian) market has shown that the brand will be a good start for us (in the country)."

The spokesperson declined to give specific details behind the decision as well as elaborating on which Indian markets will initially stock the brand.

When asked whether other InBev international brands would follow Lowenbrau into the market, the spokesperson said: "Our other brands are still under review. Their release in India is dependent on further analysis." While the Economic Times had suggested that Stella Artois and Beck's would follow Lowenbrau, the spokesperson said: "We are still awaiting further analysis.

"Our investment in India is a small initial step, but we believe it (the Indian market) has great potential in what will be an important beer market over time," the spokesperson concluded.