InBev USA is mulling the sale of the Latrobe Brewing Co., the brewer of brands including Rolling Rock.

The US arm of global brewing giant InBev told just-drinks today (21 March) that it had decided to focus on its "high-profit specialty import brands", including Stella Artois, Beck's and Brahma.

It said: "With that in mind, the company has started examining opportunities both inside and outside InBev to determine how to optimise the full potential of Rolling Rock and the Latrobe Brewing Company."

InBev USA added that it believed Latrobe and Rolling Rock held "great potential for future growth" and that "high levels of awareness and distribution are a tremendous benefit to the brand". However, the company declined to comment any further on its plans for the brewery or the associated brand portfolio.

According to industry analysts Stifel Nicolaus, Latrobe Brewing Co. accounts for around 20% of InBev's volumes in the US, with InBev USA holding around 2.4% of the US beer market.