InBev has extended its stable of global flagship brands with the inclusion of Leffe into the portfolio.

InBev, which owns around 200 beer brands worldwide, has added Leffe to its top tier of brands, which also includes Brahma, Beck's and Stella Artois.

Leffe, first brewed in 1240, is a super-premium abbey beer that has enjoyed growing sales in markets including Belgium, France and the UK.

InBev CEO Carlos Brito told just-drinks today (24 February) that Leffe had the potential to appeal to consumers in new markets.

"Leffe has proven to us that it can work across different countries and it's proved that with solid volume growth in its key markets. Leffe stands for values that transcend country boundaries."

However, Brito declined to reveal when InBev would begin a major international roll-out of the brand.

InBev's three other global brands saw volumes rise by 11.5% last year, double the growth of InBev's total beer volumes.

Brahma, which joined Beck's and Stella Artois in InBev's global stable last year, saw volumes leap nearly 16% thanks to growth in Brazil and launches in Russia and the Ukraine.

Stella Artois volumes, however, grew by only 1.1% due to lower sales in the UK.

Beck's, meanwhile, saw volumes rise 13.5% on the back of rising sales in Germany, Italy and Central and Eastern Europe.