InBev UK is rolling out a 10-week ad campaign for Leffe following volume sales growth of 47% during the past year.

The brewer's campaign, which uses the stapline 'Savour Life. Savour Leffe', includes four newspaper adverts targeting 30 to 50 year old males.

Speciality Beers Marketing Manager James Watson said: "The Leffe campaign is now in its third year and has contributed significantly to the growth of the brand and played a key role in telling consumers what the brand is all about - one that demands to be savoured, supported by 700 years of brewing tradition.

"Speciality beers are increasing sales in the UK at a phenomenal rate, spearheaded by the success of brands such as Leffe."

InBev UK's speciality beer brands will all benefit from a GBP7m marketing investment behind the portfolio in 2006, the company told just-drinks.

Speciality beer sales in the UK are up 39% on last year, with Hoegaarden accounting for 30% of category sales and Leffe Blonde 26%, InBev added.

Managing director of InBev UK take home sales Stuart MacFarlane said: "We've been supplying Hoegaarden since the early 1990s. It's the UK's number 1 speciality beer and well known by consumers. Since its introduction, we have launched Leffe Blonde which is growing fast in terms of recognition - in fact, I have no doubts that Leffe will become a top ten beer brand within the next ten years.

"You only have to look at the premium lager sector to see what sort of development is possible - fifteen years ago it accounted for 13% of beer sales volume and now it's 48%."