InBev UK and Channel 4 have been reprimanded by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority, after a Stella Artois advert was shown immediately after a family film.

The Stella advert was shown following the film 'Dunston Checks In' on Film4, a family film which attracted a large child audience, said the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) yesterday (3 December).

InBev UK, producer of Stella, blamed the error on Channel 4 and said that the advert was shown without the brewer's permission.

The ASA said that Channel 4 has subsequently "accepted responsibility" for the error. The channel, it said, has "added an extra check to the process to ensure that this does not happen again".

The timing of the incident is unfortunate, emerging in the same week that the government has announced plans to more tightly control promotions for alcoholic drinks.