Ice Mountain Spring Water Co has been granted a stay of execution over a judge's ruling ordering it to stop pumping water, according to reports. An appeals court has granted the Nestle-owned company emergency relief from the order.

Last month a judge had ruled that Ice Mountain's pumping harmed the nearby environment. He ordered Ice Mountain to stop pumping by Tuesday. Nestle said at the time that it would pursue "all legal means" to appeal the decision handed down by Mecosta County Circuit Judge Lawrence Root.

The state appeals court in Michigan granted the stay of the order on condition that the company's pumping did not exceed an average of 250 gallons a minute on a monthly basis. According to Ice Mountain, this figure is the company's current pumping rate.

In 2001 Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation sued Ice Mountain, owned by Nestle Waters North America, saying that the company's pumping from wells 13 miles northeast of the plant damage the environment. The pressure group has said it will continue to press the merits of the case.