Mekhong, a premium, rum-like spirit from Thailand, is being launched in the US by International Beverage Holdings USA.

The company, part of ThaiBev which owns the Mekhong brand, is to be the importer of Mekhong and is supporting the US introduction of the super-premium brand with a marketing and promotional push in the US on-trade. The company said the campaign centered on 13 new Mekhong cocktail recipes, POS materials and launch events in New York and Los Angeles.

The company said that the 35% abv spirit, which is made mostly from sugar cane, rice and infused herbs and spices was developed to "complement the taste and flavour of Thai food" and take advantage of the US cocktail culture.

IBHL USA president John Lennon said: "Peru has its Pisco, Mexico its Tequila and Brazil its Cachaca. Mekhong, which has long been the pride of Thailand, will quickly find its place here in the US and enjoyed by the American market."

In the US, the Mekhong brand will be available in a 750ml international bottle with a red and gold ribbon tied around the neck of each bottle as a symbol of good luck.

IBHL USA is one of five global regional offices of International Beverage Holdings, which has been established as ThaiBev's international arm.