Ian Macleod Distillers has updated the packaging for its travel retail exclusive Scotch whisky, Glengoyne Burnfoot.

The company, which officially launched a 40-year-old version of Glengoyne earlier this month, said today (19 October) that the new packaging will be unveiled at this week's TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.

The new design includes the introduction of a tube presentation and greater prominence of the Glengoyne logo and the 1833 legacy.

"We felt that some aspects of the original packaging, such as the square box, distanced Burnfoot too much from the core Glengoyne range and its impact on consumer brand identity," said the marketing director for Ian Macleod, Iain Weir.

"The new packaging takes forward the most successful modern elements of the original Burnfoot design and enhances them, creating a stronger link between the Glengoyne range and achieving greater shelf presence in Travel Retail outlets."

Glengoyne Burnfoot was released two years ago. Burnfoot was the original name given to the distillery before it changed to Glengoyne in 1908.

The 40% abv Scotch whisky retails at around US$50 per litre.