Premium liqueur brand Hpnotiq will be re-launched in the UK following "phenomenal success" on the other side of the Atlantic.

The liqueur, which has a blue colour from the blueberry juice blended with premium vodka and Cognac, will be distributed in the UK by Chartered Brands.

Sampling activity and the launch of a new UK specific website will support a PR drive on the back of good sales figures in the US.

The distributor's PR campaign will align the brand with the UK dance and club scene and target 18-30 year old drinkers, associating Hpnotiq with club nights, DJs and dance music with POS tailored kits.

The Hpnotiq Clubber Tour will run across clubs in the UK with the first prize free drinks, a Hummer stretch limo ride home and Hpnotiq branded items.

Chartered brands realisation director Glen Gribbon said: "We are very excited about the opportunity for Hpnotiq in the UK. We're marketing a unique and clearly distinguishable speciality liqueur which has great potential.

"Our job will be to ensure that the product is positioned correctly within our target market's repertoire of drinks, using the bespoke UK lifestyle associated PR campaign."