Hennessy yesterday (12 December) launched the world's most expensive Cognac, a limited edition blend that costs EUR150,000.
"It is really a work of art in which there is a bottle of Cognac," said Thibault Le Mailloux, Hennessy communications director.
The cognac, which is a blend of samples dating from between 1907 and 1960, was created as a birthday present for Killian Hennessy, the sixth generation descendant of Hennessy's founder who celebrated his 100th birthday this year.
The bottle, of Baccarat crystal, comes in a handmade mirrored glass and aluminium chest. Named "Beauté du Siècle" only 100 chests exist and the special cognac blend will not be sold separately.
One chest has already been presented to Killian Hennessy and another was donated and sold for US$200,000, to benefit Elizabeth Taylor's AIDS charity. Several more, said Le Maillot, have already been sold to buyers in Asia, Europe and America.