Click through to view Heinekens Newcastle Summer Ale and Founders Ale

Click through to view Heineken's Newcastle Summer Ale and Founders' Ale

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Heineken's Newcastle Summer Ale, Newcastle Founders' Ale

Category - Beer, bottled, Summer Ale 4.4% abv, Founder's Ale 4.8% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, off-trade, initially through Tesco stores

Price - SRP of GBP1.89 (US$3) per 35.5cl bottle

Distribution - Caledonian Brewery

Heineken is set to release two limited edition variants of its Newcastle Brown Ale brand in the UK.

Newcastle Summer Ale and Newcastle Founders’ Ale represent the first line extensions in the UK since the brand was launched 85 years ago. Both will be available for around three months.

“In a static beer market, ale continues to prosper and show growth,” said Karen Crowley, senior brand manager for ales at Heineken. “Premium bottled ale sales are up year-on-year and, … Newcastle Brown Ale is driving this performance.”

The two beers products were first launched in the US last year.