Click through to view Heinekens Krušovice Imperial and Krušovice Cerné

Click through to view Heineken's Krušovice Imperial and Krušovice Cerné

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Heineken's Krušovice Imperial and Krušovice Cerné  

Category - Dark lager, Czech, Imperial 5% abv, Cerné 3.8% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, nation-wide, on-trade

Price - SRP GBP3.85 (US$6) per 33cl bottle, GBP4.15 ($6.45) per draught pint

Distribution - SHS Sales & Marketing

Heineken is rolling out its Czech dark lager brand Krušovice in the UK's on-trade. 

The launch of Krušovice Imperial and  Krušovice Cerné follows Heineken Western Europe Exports’ appointment of SHS Sales & Marketing earlier this year to distribute Krušovice in the UK. The move is to tap into growing interest in higher-margin world beer brands, Heineken said.

The beers are already available in a number of global markets, including the US, Sweden, Denmark, France (Imperial only), Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and the Baltic States.

“The retail sales value of the world lager category in the on-trade in the UK is now approaching GBP1bn ($1.55bn), and over the past year value sales have grown by 18%,” said Heineken International senior brand manager Audrey Schillings.

 “The strong performance is being driven by the combination of a growth in the number of consumers buying into the world beer category and increases in frequency of purchase."