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Heineken's Indio

Category - Beer, Mexico, dark

Available - From this month

Location - US, on- and off-trade in seven key markets in California and Texas

Price - Not specified

Distribution - Heineken USA

Heineken has lined up the launch of Mexican dark beer Indio in selected US markets. Indio, which has been brewed and sold in Mexico since 1893, will be available in 12oz bottles in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. It will be offered in six- and 12-packs in the off-trade.

The beer will target Hispanic men aged 21 to 26 years old who are “constantly in search for brands that understand their need to express their identity by creatively fusing urban and Latino cultures”.

Formerly known as Cuauhtemoc beer, the brand changed its name to Indio in 1905. The label, which carries an image of an Aztec emperor had prompted the bar-call “Give me a beer of the Indian”.