Click through to view Heinekens Foster’s Radler

Click through to view Heineken's Foster’s Radler

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Heineken's Foster’s Radler

Category - Beer, lemon-flavoured, 2% abv

Available - From next month

Location - UK, on- and off-trade

Price - RRP of GBP3.50 (US$5.48) per four-pack of 30cl bottles, GBP4.50 per six-pack

Distribution - Heineken UK

Heineken has launched a shandy-like variant of its Foster's beer brand in the UK.

Foster's Radler is aimed at 20-25-year-old men seeking to moderate their alcohol consumption. Brand director Gayle Harrison said: “We believe it will have wide appeal and there is a GBP300m growth opportunity to tap into.”

The launch will be backed by a GBP4m print and outdoor advertising campaign.

Radler is a lemon-flavoured, low-strength beer style, created in the 1920s as refreshment for cyclists. The name means cyclist in German. Heineken has had some success with Radler versions of popular local lager brands in Poland, Romania, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, where Karlovacko Radler claimed 9.1% market share within five years.