The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected a complaint made by Molson Coors in the UK about Heineken's recent global television advert for its namesake beer brand.

The ad, which launched in January, “implied that alcohol could enhance personal qualities and talents”, Molson Coors claimed. The main character in the ad is the centre of attention upon entering a party, finishing the ad with a bottle of Heineken in his hand.

However, in a ruling handed down earlier this week, the ASA accepted Heineken's defence, that “Heineken drinkers tended to be 'men of the world' where their choice of beer reflected their broad experiences of travel, diverse cultures and refined tastes”.

“We considered that, because at no point was the main character seen drinking Heineken, there was no cause and effect between drinking Heineken and the man's qualities and talents,” the ASA said. “We considered that the fact that the man happened to be a Heineken drinker was incidental to his personality and talents. We therefore concluded that the ad did not irresponsibly imply that alcohol could enhance personal qualities and talents.”

The authority did not uphold any of the six complaints made by Molson Coors and three viewers.

The contested advert can be viewed below.