Desperados is in line for a global position, Heineken says

Desperados is in line for a global position, Heineken says

Heineken has confirmed that it has targeted the Desperados brand for a major push, including releasing it outside of Europe for the first time.

The Tequila-flavoured beer, which is already sold in the UK, France, Germany Poland and the Netherlands, is currently being rolled out in Russia. “The rollout is definitely accelerating,” a Heineken spokesperson told just-drinks earlier today (20 June).

“We're definitely putting more money, time and management attention behind it.”

The brand is not available in any main non-European markets “but that is about to change,” the spokesperson said without giving details.

In a presentation earlier today at the Deutsche Bank Global Consumer Conference 2012 in Paris, Heineken's Western Europe president, Didier Debrosse, highlighted Desperados' global aspirations.

Speaking about his company's core Heineken beer and its global position, Debrosse said: “What we would like to do is role out a second [global brand] called Desperados.

“We have decided to roll out this brand in many markets just recently and, I must say, it is a promising start.

“It shows that we can develop next to Heineken other global brands.”

In January, the UK arm of Heineken retook marketing, sales and distribution of Desperados in the country

“If you're really serious about a brand, like we are with Desperados, then you want to have it in house because you have more control and you make more money out of it down the road,” the spokesperson said.

The brand was first launched in France in 1995. Last year, total volumes grew by 26%, according to Heineken, and earlier this year the brewer launched an online marketing campaign to support the brand across all markets.