Heineken launches green agenda

Heineken launches green agenda

Heineken has launched a ten-year plan to cut water use and carbon emissions in its beer operations, as well as increase local sourcing in Africa.

Heineken will strive to reduce water use by at least a quarter from current levels within the next decade, the brewer announced today (13 April).

Carbon emissions should fall by at least 40% from current levels, said the group, which today launched a ten-year sustainability strategy entitled 'Brewing a Better Future'.

"As a leading brewer, we believe that we should take responsibility for our actions and be clear on what others can expect from us," said Jean-François van Boxmeer, Heineken's chairman and CEO. "This new sustainability agenda coupled with our greater transparency on targets and performance reflects this belief."

Heineken will focus on the environment, communities and responsible alcohol consumption within its new strategy.

The brewer also said that it will double investment in the Heineken Africa Foundation by injecting another EUR10m in 2010. The Foundation was established in 2008 and supports healthcare projects in Africa.

The group also plans to locally source 60% of raw materials needed for its beer operations in Africa by 2020.

By 2015, all Heineken operating companies will compile and issue their own local sustainability report. As a first step in 2010, 20 of Heineken's largest businesses will issue a sustainability report, said the Netherlands-based firm.