Heineken is set to increase the presence of its BeerTender system in Europe.

The Dutch brewer said yesterday (19 October) that a new BeerTender, compatible with the five-litre self-pressurised and recyclable DraughtKeg, will allow the company to move into the French market.

Prior to this, the home draught beer system BeerTender has been restricted to markets on the continent that have the infrastructure for returnable kegs, namely the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

Following the launch of the BeerTender system with the dual-purpose Heineken DraughtKeg, Heineken said it expects further rollout in other countries in due course.

"Our innovations are key drivers for growth, especially for the Heineken brand," said Peter van Campen, director of group commerce at Heineken. "By offering BeerTender with a recyclable keg instead of a returnable keg, we now can accelerate volume growth in those markets which were previously closed for BeerTender."

Last month, Heineken reported that, in the first half of the year, beer volume generated by beer systems such as DraughtKeg, BeerTender and the David draught system grew by over 30% on last year, albeit from a low base.
In April 2005, Heineken introduced DraughtKeg, which is available in 45 countries. The filling-line capacity is being expanded to meet the high consumer demand for DraughtKeg worldwide, the company added.