Heineken has been forced to make changes to its current TV advertising campaign, according to press reports. The Times said yesterday that the communications regulator, Ofcom, has ruled that the ads, featuring Ray Liotta, breach regulations by placing undue emphasis on the alcoholic strength of Heineken's beer.

The campaign is designed to inform drinkers of Heineken's move to scrap 3.4% ABV Heineken Cold Filtered and switch to its premium-strength lager with an ABV of 5%, the newspaper reported.

Heineken has accepted Ofcom's decision and will make a number of changes, including removing the end-line "Heineken - We believe in better".

Speaking to The Times, Leslie Meredith, Heineken's UK director of marketing, said: "It wasn't our intention to suggest that the beer was better because of the alcohol content.

"We're saying it's a better beer than the old Heineken Cold Filtered because of the ingredients, the brewing process and the fact that it's a genuine imported beer and the beer that people love to drink when they go abroad."