The beer giant Heineken is considering the launch of a malt-based, non-alcoholic drink marketed at the Muslim communities of the world.

Already available in Egypt the fruit-flavoured beverage, Fayrouz, may benefit from Heineken's global marketing reach and be launched to western Muslim communities in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Heineken chief executive Thony Ruys said: "First we are learning from the experiences in Egypt and then we can go for a bigger launch. The product, Fayrouz, could be sold in the Indian market as well as to the large Muslim communities in the Netherlands, France, Britain and Germany.

"Those are large communities and if we come with a serious product, I am sure this will appeal to them," Ruys said. Fayrouz is a brand of Egyptian brewer ABC that Heineken bought last year. Observant Muslims do not drink alcohol.

Heineken obtained Fayrouz in its US$280m deal to acquire ABC last year. No alcohol is produced during Fayrouz's manufacture - unlike other non-alcoholic beers - making it suitable for observant Muslims.