Heineken UK has cut its growth estimate for sales of long alcoholic drinks aimed at women.

Female drinking opportunities can contribute an extra GBP54m to long alcoholic drinks (LAD) sales in the UK off-trade by 2011, Heineken UK said in a briefing this week.

But, this estimate is a 16% cut in the brewer's original forecast two years ago.

Shaun Heyes, head of customer marketing, said Heineken is now more focused on mixed drinking occasions as a way to target women, rather than single sex groups.

"It's not an opportunity that can be cracked just by targeting a female occasion or by turning LADs pink," he said. "It's about building a category that appeals to women without alienating men."
The revised figures are part of an ongoing research project involving 16,000 UK households.

Rival brewer Molson Coors has invested heavily in targeting beer specifically at women in the UK.